What to expect the first day of class

students in a classroomCollege will most likely be different from high school, but how different depends on which college you're going to and which high school you went to. For some people there weren't a lot of changes besides having a block schedule, and for other people it's a complete change. Everyone has a different schedule so you’ll see different people in each class. Because of this people often eat at different times, so coordinate with some people you’ve met to meet for meals.

You should get to class at least a few minutes early to make sure you can find the room and a seat. Some of your classes may have a few hundred people, and others may have 15. In the large lectures, there won’t be room to ask questions during class – it will literally be a lecture the whole time.

The first day the professor will introduce him or herself and hand out and go over the syllabus. They will also probably begin teaching right away so be prepared to take notes. Remember that you don’t have to ask anyone permission to leave for any reason.

During most classes, you'll generally just take notes. Some professors will be active and break you up into groups or have you work on some questions or problems and even talk to people around you about your answers. Some people will write down just about every word the professor says, others will not take any notes at all. I would advise doing something inbetween. If you are taking too many notes, you're not processing anything the professor is saying. If you don't take any notes at all, you may have a hard time remembering what you were supposed to learn. In college, no one's going to tell you how to study so you have to know what works best for you and use it.


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