Feeling pressure to major in science? Here's what you can do

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If you're feeling pressured to major in science, or any other subject you're not interested in, you shouldn't choose that major just to please others. How can you deal with this pressure?


Separate your desires from your family's. If you're feeling pressure to major in science, you might actually find that you do like it. Don't just pick something else just to go against your family's wishes.


Don't be afraid to change your major. Most students change their major at least once. If you've given science a try and you've found you don't like it, don't be afraid to switch.


Money is an issue. Education is expensive, and your family probably wants to make sure they're getting their money's worth if they're helping you through school. However, it'll be much more expensive to go back to school if you didn't major in something you liked the first time.


You'll do better if you're studying something you love. If you're studying science just to please your family, you won't be as motivated to do your best in your classes. When you do something you love, you'll do better at it and that wi'll ultimately help you succeed.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you can't imagine you'll be using your science degree in five years, it's probably not worth slugging along through four years of it in college.


Acknowledge that you may make less money. Science majors tend to have a higher starting salary than others, so you'll have to come to terms with the fact that you may be making less money. This may be something your family is concerned with.


Have a plan. If your family can see that you've thought about your future, it may put them at ease. Find internships and research opportunities in the field you want to do into. And don't forget to check out the resources at your career development office on campus.


This decision is about you. It is NOT worth it to chug along with something just to make your family happy. If you can imagine how unhappy you are now, imagine staying this way and even becoming even more unhappy as time goes on.

You might not find something you absolutely love in college. But you need to find something you're at least a little bit excited about or interested in. It's not worth it to go through the motions just to make others happy. It will catch up to you in the end.


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