Petitioning for admission: Getting in when you don't qualify

college campusIf you don't meet the admissions requirements, colleges may throw your application out immediately. If you have a reason your grades or scores were low, some college allow you to petition for admission.


What does it mean to petition for admission? This is a chance to explain why your grades or scores were low. So instead of your application being thrown out right away, they'll take another look at it and consider your circumstances.


What are examples of good reasons for having low grades? Medical conditions, a sudden family death, illness, or other hardship are all good reasons to petition for admission. What wouldn't be acceptable is if you just hung out with the wrong group of friends or if you were in too many extracurricular activities to keep your grades up.


How do I petition? You'll have to contact the school directly to find out how to petition. Most of the time you'll just have to write a letter. Sometimes they may want you to come in for an interview.


What should I say? Explain your academic goals and reason(s) for getting low grades. If you have one, include a doctor's note for a medical condition. Explain what you're doing to improve your GPA. For example, if you fell behind because of a medical condition but you are now cured, let them know. If you were diagnosed with a learning disability, tell them how you've changed your study habits. Colleges want to know that you are prepared to handle college work, so show them in whatever way you can.


Your petition letter won't guarentee you admission, but it's your chance to get into schools you might not otherwise qualify for.


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